New motivation, new beginnings. 

I have always been one of those people that other people look at and say, wow, she is going to go far. You are god damn right I will! But every once in a while I find myself in a position I do not like. Either if it is being slightly depressed, stuck in a bad loop, stressed or generally just gone of the path I want to be on. Then it usually goes 1. I realize I have gone of my path and that I am not happy with how things are 2. I realize I have to change but I feel I have not had that breakthrough yet that will give me enough strength and motivation to change my life 3. I find strength. And so here I am, devoting a blog to this journey. There are so many improvements I want to make, both to me as a person and to  my life. I am in my early twenties, and I want to look at this time and be like yeah, I was all I could be.

When I was around 13 years old, a person who claimed to be able to know what animal you were by just holding your hand told me I was a bird. Because they are free. And for some reason, I have just kept on living thinking that that is precisely what I am. A free bird.

Basically, this blog will be ramblings from a crazy person who thinks she is a bird.

Come fly with me.


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