Saying Thank You Could Be Your Greatest Investment

I have found that in NYC people do say “thank you” a lot. But if they do utter that phrase, it is usually because someone held up the door or something like that. We usually fail to express honest gratitude when it might actually make a big difference. I am not saying we should throw thankfulness around to undeserving people, but if we sincerely are thankful for something someone did we should let them aware of it. More then often we go about our business and forget to say these two simple words because we are either lazy or busy. Or so we tell ourselves to make us feel better.

I am currently in Sweden for summer vacation, but upon my return in the US I have decided to do such a simple act as to write a handwritten note to the teachers I had this past semester who I felt did a truly good job. Most students takes teachers for granted, and instead of being thankful they hush their greatness away by saying that it is their job-its what they are supposed to do! This clearly also applies to employees-employers or children-parents.

But what if for once you try to walk a mile in their shoes? Imagine having all those students passing your classroom for years after years without someone saying you did a good job although you really tried. Would you do a better job? Would you be happy? NO! Perhaps even if it really does not make a difference for you, maybe taking a few minutes of your life and utter the phrase thank you in a sincere and personal way, could make the difference in the world to both the teacher and the students coming after. Look at that impact! I can’t say I am leaving much impact in the school I am in, even if I am a great student, but sending those thank you cards could be my greatest, unselfish investment during my college years.



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