Classical Music Is Actually Beneficial

According to my old psychology teacher, classical music has a distinctive difference on you. It makes you concentrate better, it helps you develop and it can have a big effect of your emotions. She told us even to listen to it just quietly in the background while studying and see if we would not do better in school. I never tried, but I kind of believe there is some truth in it. I most often listen to random music the radio plays, which gives me nothing, so I am sincerely trying to change that. I want to listen to more classical music and more jazz. It feels more real, and I feel that it goes into your body in a whole different way than radio hits does.

I have had a favorite song for quite a while now which is river flows in you by Yiruma. It is fantastic. It makes me calm, hopeful and excited. No other song has had that effect on me. I am trying to find more music like this, so if anyone has any tips please let me know. Music simply is not my area.



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