Strong Or Weak

I always categorize people in two different categories. “Strong” and “Weak”. People hearing me talk about it usually misunderstands me and gets upset. They find me rude and obnoxious. I am not. I am simply me. It is hard to explain what I mean in words though, without actually sounding terrible. I will nevertheless give it a try.

Strong or weak does not have to do with physical strength, nor necessarily about your accomplishments. It is not something straight forward, but rather it is different from case to case. A strong person to me is someone who if they have a goal tries to reach it. A strong person is secure, knows themselves and stands with two feet on the ground. A strong person do not need to scream out “here I am” to everyone else, but rather knows in his mind that he is there. A strong person has weak moments too, but their mindset through the weak times are stronger than for the weak people. Did you follow me there? It is both the mind and how people carry themselves. You can be shy and quiet, but an extremly strong person. It is a mindset, and it is in your way of dealing with things and handle situations. And usually, if you think about it, you can notice rather quickly which of these categories a person belongs to.

I see myself as a strong person, and as a strong person I do not go well with weak people. It is a combination of me not understanding the way they think or deal with things, and that I want to surround myself with strong people because I find that it gives me more benefits. I do not mean to be ignorant, and do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a weak person (even though the words as a negative cling to it). It simply is not me. But some people are very happy with it, some people can not help it and for some it just makes more sense. It is just that to me it does not, but I am still open minded to people who I find weak and accept that as an equally good way of being.

To me it just do not make sense that you would not want to accomplish yourself or follow your dreams and just settle for what you get. Today, I can not stand people needing attention in shallow ways or who is so insecure they change their mind after what everyone else thinks (let me remind you, this used to be me a long time ago). I want people I am surrounded by to be able to be independent and to with confidence be themselves. I need them to take some space, but not by being loud but by being present. I am not saying you can not be insecure or scared from times, heck I definitely am! But, instead of thinking “shit that person needs to be saved” I want to be able to think “wow, that person got it”.

When someone is too much without character or vulnerable I feel that I am walking all over them, which I do not like. I am not doing it on purpose either, it just becomes that way. Not that I do it, but I find that a lot of people, both strong and weak, take advantage of them and I do not like it. But as much as I dislike the people taking advantage of them I also can find myself a bit frustrated with why these weak people let it happen and why they let people do this to them.  They can not help they are “weak”, and there is nothing wrong about it, it is just very different from me and I do not know how to handle it.




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