1 incredible teacher could be worth 20 bad teachers

This past semester I had a fenomenal literature teacher. I liked to read prior to that class, but turns out I was not quite reading but merely skimming books through. This teacher made me look at writing in a whole new way. If I read “apples are green” she would read “because of the color green the girl felt like this…because at that time apples meant.. if we looked at previous statements..etc etc”. Now when I read, I know to truly read. Read the lines, between the lines and also just analyze everything, because often there are so many important messages that you miss when you read. She also opened my eyes to what good writing really is, and to some very good old authors, like Rousseau.

I wish everyone to have such a fantastic teacher when it comes to these important subjects. I used to disregard literature and those general subjects as a waste of time in school, but she made it interesting. And although the workload was so tough that I barely managed, I walked away with a knowledge impossible to find in books. I learnt to anazlye and think critically, two major skills that is often overlooked. My goal is to improve and apply these skills to real life in addition to just in writings.



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