What bad habits should you get rid of?

In this journey of self development one of my main points is to improve my mindset and the way I think about things. How could you otherwise change your life? It is in the mind it all begins! As a result of this I had a small personal win today. It might seem petty to you, but to me it was incredible.

As far back as I can remember I have had this habit, or you could call it an compulsion, to panic when I take the last few steps in a stair and felt forced to run or jump those, and I get the feeling of someone hunting me. Once I am all the way up on top of the stair, I breathe heavily and then go back to normal. It is very annoying, yet I cannot help it. Or so I thought. With this project in the back of my mind, I realised I would get nowhere if I could not even change this bad habit or these feelings of being hunted.

As of today I have mastered walking slowly up in the whole stair. I truly see this as a small little personal victory in changing my behavior, mind and habits. Do not get me wrong, I am still panicking, but I am forcing myself to have my mind stay in control and not my body. I just keep saying “it is OK, nobody is behind you. stay calm” as a mantra in my head. Mantras are always a good place to start to get your mind on settling on something.

Do you have any of those habits you want to get rid off? Even though it is small habits you do not really mind, if they are not helping you it would be more helpful to train them away. It is easier than you think once you set your mind to it. Those little stressful or time taking habits, or fears even so, should be faced. The little win you get from conquering them does feel great, and it creates a relief. It is so simple, and we should really take a hard look onto ourselves to see what habits would be useful to get rid of.



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